Non-commital Collages

I made something else now. Maybe I’m getting back into launching myself into art again. It’s interesting to think how much more in touch I was with self-expression back in art school. I had an idea and bam it would pour out of me, no hesitation. And I would find a way to may it work or get it on paper. Now, I find not only in art but in other areas of my life I catch myself halting. Not wanting to spit out the full breadth of what I have to say. My current obsession with collage just means I can paint things in chunks and then figure out how to assemble the full image afterwards. I don’t have to commit to it right away. Although, with printmaking there were obviously finished sketches that were only then commited to a block or a big piece of stone. But I think what I liked about silkscreening was that you could change things and go in different directions with each layer along the way if you wanted to. Perhaps this is what I like about collaging things that I’ve painted.

Turtle (2)modified

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